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Sunday, 23 August 2020

What is Google Lens? How to use Google Lens and its benefits?

Hello friends, today I have brought fun and useful app for them and its information is given below.

What is Google Lens? the way to use Google Lens and its benefits?:If you would like to look for love or money on the web, then we've to hunt the assistance of Google. repeatedly it happens that a lot of our works are done by Google’s product only.

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There are tons of Google products that we use a day, but we don't know that they're Google products. like Youtube, Gmail, google maps, android OS, chrome browser, google news, Google assistant, etc.

One such Google product is named Google lens. People usually use it very rarely, but if you would like to find out something in your free time, then its use is extremely beneficial for you. What is Google Lens? the way to use Google Lens and its benefits?

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What is Google Lens?

Google lens is an app. Which you get at the play store. Although this app isn't available for several phones, there's nothing to stress that each one of those people that have Google Photo can use it. Google lens may be a sort of lens that tells information a few photos.

Suppose there's a photograph in your phone that belongs to a fort and you are doing not understand where this photo is, then you only use Google lens, you'll know where the photo is.

Google Lens was launched in 2014, but people still don't realize it. this is often a really useful thing for everybody because with this you'll get many sorts of data that you simply want to understand but don't know. Just keep thinking. In this, you'll not only remove its information from the image but also can scan any code.

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How does Google lens work?

As you all know that Google has all the information on the Internet. So when you want to know information about a photo and use Google lens, then Google lens scans it and then looks in your Google server to see which photo is similar to it. Then after that Google lens tells you the result. Gives information about that thing. It can tell you about a famous building.

One can tell about the tree, one can tell about the species of animal. There are many other benefits to this, which you can know only by using them. The more you use it, the more you will understand about it….

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