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Friday, 21 August 2020

The government will pay half a month's salary to 4.1 million people who lost their jobs in Corona

Hello friends, today is a very good day and you will be happy to hear this news. This news is very useful news for those who have lost their jobs.

The govt can pay half a month's salary to 4.1 million people that lost their jobs in Corona

News of relief for ESI registered workers, benefit but 21 thousand salaried
The central government will provide 50 per cent unemployment allowance to workers who lost their jobs within the Koro epidemic for 3 months.

This benefit are going to be available to people coming under Employees State Insurance (ESI). An estimated 8 million people registered with the ESI lost their jobs during the Corona period.

This year, between March 24 and New Year's Eve , they're going to be covered under the scheme. meaning about 41 lakh people will enjoy this decision. For this scheme Rs. 6,700 crore. The proposal has also been approved by the ESI board headed by Union Minister Santosh Gangwar.

ESI member Amarjit Kaur said workers who lose their jobs within the stipulated time will get 50% unemployment allowance for 3 months supported their last salary. it might benefit about 7.5 million workers if they got a small waiver supported merit.

Rs. Industrial workers with a salary of Rs 21,000 or less are covered under the ESI scheme. About 3.49 crore workers within the country are related to ESI. This salary are going to be given under Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana issued from 2018. thereunder was a provision of 25% unemployment allowance.

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The employer isn't required to form a claim, the claim are often made on to the ESI branch

The positive side of the ESI Board's decision is that the employer doesn't need to claim to require advantage of the scheme. Workers are going to be ready to claim directly at the ESI branch.

it'll be verified with the employer from the ESI branch office. His money also will be deposited directly into the workers' bank accounts. those that lose their jobs are going to be eligible for benefits only after 30 days. Earlier this point was 90 days. However, a base number are going to be required for this claim.

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Have been registered for a minimum of 2 years before losing employment

The scheme will benefit employees who are registered under ESIC for a minimum of two years before losing their employment. Also, he has worked for a minimum of 78 days within the 6 months before he lost his job. Moreover, he must have worked for a minimum of 78 days in any of the 18 months before 6 months.

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Corona has lost 1.89 crore jobs since April: CMIE

According to the middle for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), 1.89 crore people have lost their jobs thanks to corona since April. An estimated 5 million people lost their jobs in July alone.

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CMIE CEO Mahesh Vyas said the ESIC member fell into debt as soon as he quit his job. Getting half the salary for 3 months will meet many of their needs. This relief are going to be available only to workers within the organized sector. The unorganized sector remains excluded from it.


The big scheme giving direct cash was PM Kisan

The biggest direct cash scheme so far was the PM Kisan scheme. 6 thousand per annum to the beneficiary under it. Is given. However, its scope is very large. It helps 80 million farmers. According to experts, the scheme has brought great relief to farmers.

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