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Saturday, 29 August 2020

Special class for students living in villages: Central universities have prepared crash courses for students deprived of online classes, which will be telecast on August 28.

You have this information here for the student and this information is also useful and this information is given below in full and in the area and along with it, other good information is also given.

The Central Government has included 32 DTH channels in the Swayamprabha project The syllabus has to be completed through online study in colleges and universities across the country during the lockdown, but there are many students in the country who do not have a smartphone or internet facility.

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Faculty members of Central Universities are working together to prepare education content for such students. This content will be disseminated with the help of the Union Ministry of Education's project 'Swayamprabha'. For more information about 'Swayamprabha' check the website

In this campaign, the faculty of Central University has recorded a total of 300 hours of lectures. IIT Madras is the co-ordinator of the campaign. All these lectures will start airing on August 28. Lectures have been prepared to keep in view the students living in the villages.

If you want to read this information in Gujarati, here is the link is given below.

Read in Gujarati: Click here

Students now have less time to do the syllabus. This has reduced the length of lectures from 40-50 hours to 10-15 hours. This will allow students to learn faster and cover more syllabus in less time.

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The Central Government has included 32 DTH channels in the Swayamprabha project. It will show programs connected to education for 24 hours with the help of GSAT-15 satellite. A program will be repeated several times a day. With this, students will be able to attend lectures as per their convenience

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