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Thursday, 20 August 2020

‘Special 26’ estimate: Two young women become fake income tax officers, raid

Hello friends, we have brought you shocking news and you will be shocked to hear this news. Below is all the information about this news.

This news is very shocking news and avoids such news and share this information with other people and be careful not to commit such fraud. Some innocent people also come from such fraud.

Jeweler fined Rs 1.35 lakh and 13 jewelry confiscated, CCTV cameras turned off

Jind: In a film projection in Jind district of Haryana, a case has come to light of two young women posing as income tax officers and carrying out a fake raid. The two girls had reached the main market to raid Ravi Jewelers. After examining the documents, the duo offered a fine of Rs 1.35 lakh and 13 jewelry with them.

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Because of this, things went awry and the shopkeeper and the neighbors survived the robbery. The matter was reported to the police. Police took both the girls to the police station. Police also found fake iCards and search warrants from both the girls. Police have registered a case against both and started further investigation.

Ravi Kumar, manager of Ravi Jewelers in Zaveri Bazaar, said the two girls reached his showroom at 5:40 pm on Wednesday. One identified himself as an assistant commissioner of the income tax department and the other as an inspector. Both told him that they have come from Delhi and they have their complaint. Meanwhile, the two also showed their own i-cards from the Income Tax Department. The two young women then talked about searching the closets.

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The shutters of the show-room were closed

Ravi Kumar said that both the girls closed the shutters of the show-room and also asked to close the CCTV in the shop. Both of them searched the closets and said about some of the jewelry kept in them that they have no record, they have not even filled the ITR. So he has to be fined.


Ravi Kumar suspected that these young women could be fake income tax officers. They called their brother and then reported the matter to the police. Police reached the spot, detained the two girls, and took them to the police station for questioning. The case is currently under investigation.

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