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Monday, 17 August 2020

IPS and IAS Exam Solid Puzzles

We have come up with a fun question to do in IX and IPS exams and you will find this question very interesting and you will find such questions here.

The answer to the following question is going to decrease you and this question will make you very difficult and you have to implement the answer to this question and such a post will also give you the essence and Agra question here.

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लास्ट विकेट ही बाकी है,
3 गेंद पर 7 रन चाहिये….
और दोनों बेट्समेन 94 रन पर है ।
और दोनो को 100 पुरा करते हुए

मेच भी जीताना है,
तो बताए यह कैसे होगा ?
चलिये देखते है आपके गणित एवं क्रिकेट का ज्ञान

The answer to the above question is given to you here and this question is given in Hindi. For your convenience, the question is not very shell.

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  Share this question with your friends and have fun. This post is good. It teaches you something

Share this with your friends and the answer to this question is given above and this question is easy for cricket lovers and now I am bringing this special question for you who are very much a lover of cricket.


👉 पहली गेंद पर बेट्समेन 4 रन मारेगा…
👉 दूसरी गेंद पर 3 दोडेगा, पर उसमें 1 रन शोर्ट दोड़ेगा (अर्थात् 1 रन गलत माना जायेगा, मतलब 2 रन ही मना जायेगा)
👉 मतलब, जो स्ट्राईक पर था उसके 100 पुरे हुए
👉 अब स्ट्राईक पर दूसरा आ चुका है, वह बची हुई 1 गेंद पर 6 रन मारेगा । दूसरे के भी 100 पूरे…
👉 और मेच भी जीत गये…😊

To fill you up here, you can find the material related to education here and if there is any preparation for UPAC, ISH and APISH, then this question is very useful. Please share it, friends, I will come up with such a question tomorrow.

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