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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Interview Question Puzzles

Hello friends, I am bringing you Nikunj Patel, another great and fun and a puzzle to be asked in an interview and this information will bring you in awe.

This puzzle is not easy but it is not difficult. Just think a little and share this information with your friends here. Someone will come in handy in the interview.

Asking for such a puzzle in a job interview and you may get confused, start looking at such a puzzle before starting a job interview and you will get the first one here. You will also get information about the job here.

Solve puzzles See some nice puzzles that you simply would really like to unravel

Asked by Interviewer: Interview time Puzzles Paheliya

एक Interviewer ने आपको Interview के वक्त
प्रवेश करते के साथ ही पूछ –
एक ब्लैक पेन लें और एक व्हाइटबोर्ड में कुछ लिखें

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तो बताओं आप क्या लिखोंगे….

कोई दिमाग वाला ही इसका जवाब दे पायेगा…
क्या आप में हैं ? Ha ha ha!!!

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Kya aapme hai??? Challenge !!!
Agar Paheli ka Answer pata hai to Comment dwara humein avashya bataiye, Agar is Paheli ne aapka Dimag hila dala ho, To Dusro ko bhi share karke unka Bhi Dimag hilaye…
Dekhte hai Kon is Puzzle Sahi Answer de pata hai.Thank you very much.
You will also find material to study here and you will find very good information here and go here and you will also be given good and knowledgeable news here.
Come to mind and answer this puzzle and send us the answer in the comment box below. Whose answer is correct and this puzzle is easy but also difficult.
Here you will find a lot of such information and such a puzzle is asked in the interview and you will find such a funny puzzle here.

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