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Sunday, 23 August 2020

Find out what the National Recruitment Agency is, what the benefits will be, Learn the main features of NRA

The government claims that this agency will lighten the burden of all examinations from the head of the candidate, on the other hand, there will be a standard pattern and common course of the exam system.

Find out what the National Recruitment Agency

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday announced the fixing of a 'National Recruitment Agency' to conduct the con eligibility test. the govt claims that this agency will lighten the burden of all examinations from the top of the candidate, on the opposite hand, there'll be a typical pattern and customary course of the exam system. At an equivalent time, it'll make the recruitment process much easier and save time.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that youngsters need to take tons of exams to create their careers. the middle currently has quite 20 recruitment agencies.

Prakash Javadekar said that now this technique has been abolished and a 'National Recruitment Agency' has been found out. The institute will now conduct the Common Eligibility Test (CET).

He said the government's decision would benefit many students across the country. The agency will conduct one exam for jobs altogether fields. this may save both the labor and money of the youth.

What is the matter now

The schedule of every examination of every agency is different, that the appliance process and application fee also is different. When two or three exams are held, the probabilities of stepping into trouble often increase.

Rural students, women, and therefore the disabled face difficulty in traveling as there are separate examination centers. A student coming from distant has got to stay in other cities.

Often the dates of the exams match. In this, the candidate is confused about which exam he will sit for and which exam he will skip.

Most of the exams have an equivalent level but all the studies are different.

There are quite 20 recruitment agencies in the middle.

At present only the examinations of three agencies are being made common.

A common test is going to be conducted to all or any agencies in time till next time.

So far an equivalent exam is held in several stages. The agency is busy all year round.

No single standard of the examination is often during this system.

It makes the exam sometimes very easy and sometimes very difficult.

There is a really limited number of places to conduct the exam.

An agency of all three agencies
The three Central Government Recruitment Agencies (Railway Recruitment Board-RRB, Bank-IBPS, and SSC-SSC) issue about 1.25 vacancies in Group-B or Group-C per annum. 2.5 to three crore people participate during this vacancy exam. Candidates are busy throughout the year within the examinations of those three agencies.

Now it'll go down one level. Now an equivalent Common Eligibility Test is going to be conducted for all three agencies.

National Recruitment Agency

The National Recruitment Agency is going to be a society and this may be a totally independent organization. it'll include representatives from all the three recruitment agencies (SSC, RRB and IBPS). The agency will spend Rs 1,517.57 crore for the primary three years. The system will save the three recruitment agencies Rs 600 crore per annum.

The agency will conduct the primary phase examination. most of the people sit for the primary level exam. The exam is going to be completely online (computer-based). The result are going to be available to the candidate immediately.
Depending on the score of this exam, the candidate can apply in any of the three agencies and sit for the examination in its separate phase.





What will be the benefit?

- All agencies will have a standard pattern of com exam.

- The first level of examination will have only one syllabus.

- Each district will have at least one examination center.

- The result of the examination will be available soon.

- This result will be valid for three years.

- Re-examination facility to improve the exam score.

- There will be a common registration portal for this exam.

-There will be a question bank, there will be a single fee pattern.

- It will include 12 languages.

- Candidates in different parts will not have a language problem in the examination.

- There will be a helpline running 24 hours a day. The candidate will be able to present his problem.

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