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Monday, 24 August 2020

24 hours heavy: One more low pressure active in Bay of Bengal, heavy rains forecast in Saurashtra, North and South Gujarat, fishermen instructed not to plow the sea

24 hours heavy: One more low pressure active in the Bay of Bengal, heavy rains forecast in Saurashtra, North and South Gujarat, fishermen instructed not to plow the sea

In the inset picture, sufficient indications of heavy rains falling within the state are received from the clouds surrounding Gujarat.

Meteorological department's precautionary view that the entire of Gujarat is surrounded by clouds within the image of inset satellite

Maharaja is currently batting within the state. This has led to floods in many areas. Not only that, North Gujarat, which has been affected by heavy rains for the last three days, has also received heavy rains. 

Even today, the meteorological department has forecast heavy to very heavy rains in North Gujarat. While Saurashtra and South Gujarat have also expressed the likelihood of heavy to very heavy rains.

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 Besides, heavy rains also are forecast in Ahmedabad during the subsequent 24 hours. Following this forecast, fishermen are instructed to not plow the ocean for the subsequent 2 days. Another low has been activated within the Bay of Bengal. 

The effect is going to be felt in Gujarat after August 26 and more rains are likely. So far, the state has received 18 percent more rainfall than it should have.

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Low pressure is moving towards Saurashtra-Kutch side

Regarding the operation being administered within the state thanks to heavy rains, NDRF Chief Commander Ranvijay Singh said, "Currently, low is increasing on the Saurashtra-Kutch side." The NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) team is functioning thanks to heavy rains within the state.

 There are currently 13 team alerts. also as people trapped thanks to heavy rains in Morbi are being rescued and another team has been sent to assist. Also, a team of SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) has been sent to rescue 100 to 150 people trapped within the water in Dholka.

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The small market in Gondal became a bat with 7 inches of rain falling in 24 hours

How much rain during which zone thus far

The state has received a mean rainfall of 102.73 percent for the present season. the very best rainfall of 188.02 percent was recorded within the Kutch zone, 134.81 percent in Saurashtra zone, 90.21 percent within the South Gujarat zone, 87.44 percent in North Gujarat and 78.98 percent in East Central zone.

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Due to early rains in Visnagar city, Rupen river flowing near Umta-Kamalpur started flowing on two banks.

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Status of water storage in 206 reservoirs of the state

Due to the rains within the state, 206 reservoirs including Sardar Sarovar are filled. The Sardar Sarovar Dam currently holds 2,19,275 MCFT (million cubic feet) of water, accounting for 65.64 percent of the entire storage capacity. The state's 76 reservoirs are quite one hundred pc full. additionally, there are 78 reservoirs that are 70 to one hundred pc full. There are 20 reservoirs, including Sardar Sarovar, which have a storage capacity of fifty to 70 percent. As many as 16 reservoirs have between 25 to 50 percent and 15 reservoirs have but 25 percent storage.

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