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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

100 Log and 99 and 101 Wapis Commonsense Puzzles Paheliya

Here are the puzzle things you need to think about to answer your riddles and difficult questions.
Hello friends, my name is Nikunj Patel and I have brought a very good and difficult puzzle for you and you will be very happy and this puzzle will make you very difficult.
Answer if you have a mind and you will like this information very much and below this is written in first Hindi and this is written in Hindi for your convenience.
This is one of the challenges for you today. Think and share this information with others and ask them to think too. Who is smarter?

Hello friends, did you get the answer here? Here is the answer to this puzzle. Below you will find this first answer.

100 Log and 99 and 101 Wapis Commonsense Puzzles Paheliya
100 Log and 99 and 101 Wapis Commonsense Puzzles Paheliya 

Que:1 ऐसी कौन सी जगह है,
जहाँ अगर 100 लोग जाते है,  तो
सिर्फ 99 ही वापिस आते है…
 first answer: 100 loko  smshane jay ane 99 Pacha ave
The answer to the second puzzle: 
    100 look Laguna jay ane 101 Pacha ave    

Que:2 ऐसी कौन-सी जगह है,
कि जहा अगर 100 लोग जाते है…
तो 101 वापिस आते है…
है दिमाग तो दो इन दोनो पहेलियों के Answer….
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This is a very funny and mind-boggling first for those of you who have come from home right now because of corn.
Challenge !!!! Challenge !!!! Challenge !!!!
Dekhte hai Hamare Viewer me kon iska sabse pahele comment karke Answer deta hai, Aur kiska Answer Sahi hota hai. Good Luck!
Agar paheli ne dimag Ghuma diya ho to, Like aur Share karna Bilkul na bhule. Thanks…

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