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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Wearing a mask incorrectly increases the risk of corona infection, beware if you also wear a mask this way

Carelessness can increase coronary heart disease / Improperly wearing a mask increases the risk of coronary heart disease, so be careful if you wear a mask like this

You may be wearing a mask like this and you may have seen a lot of people wearing a mask like this. They don't know that wearing a mask like this can cause coronavirus.

I have made this post with this in mind and seeing you understand such people, they do not wear masks in the same way and give corona to others.

Some people think that corona will come but they don't know when this corona is a very bad and deadly virus and the government tries very hard to keep all the masks and the government does it for you but some people don't understand.

Now in Gujarat, the price of a mask has been increased from Rs. 200 to Rs.

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Here you will find all the information about Corona every day and you will not be given any new rules regarding Corona of the government and you will find the big news of government scheme and recruitment country here.

The government should also punish the people who wear masks like the fort used above.

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