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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

The US Navy, which had come to intimidate India in the Naval Expedition / 1971 War, is now emboldening India against China.

Ahmedabad. As tensions between India and China escalate following the Galvan Valley clash, the US has conducted a joint exercise with the Indian Navy by sending naval fleets patrolling the South China Sea near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. While the exercise, referred to as the Passing Conduct or Passex, maybe a major warning to China, it'll even be interesting to notice that the USS Enterprise, one among the US naval vessels currently patrolling near Indian waters, anchored within the Bay of Bengal within the 1971 war to intimidate India. Now an equivalent US has sent one among the world's most powerful nuclear-powered warships, the USS Nimitz, into Indian waters in favor of India in its dispute with China.

USS Nimitz: A recognizable warship

The Nimitz, which has been operational since 1975, remains one among the foremost dangerous and largest warships within the world today thanks to its unique construction and periodic improvements.
The warship is known as after Nimitz, who served as commander of the American Pacific Fleet during war II.
The 333-meter long warship features a carrying capacity of quite 1 lakh tons. With a fleet of 90 warplanes and 35 helicopters, Nimitz can cover a neighborhood of up to 300 km from where it anchors.
Being nuclear powered, it can reach speeds of up to 60 km per hour.
Nimitz's fleet includes a complete of 5 Destroyers who can play a dual role in rapid attack and defense.
A total of quite 90 fighter jets of 5 types, capable of short-range, medium-range, and long-range airstrikes, can land on the Nimitz runway.
An aircraft equipped with an Airborne Early Warning System (AWACS) can alert the Nimitz fleet by anticipating enemy airstrikes.
Nimitz's fleet also includes quite 35 helicopters equipped with airstrikes, self-defense, and cargo transportation.
Nimitz is featured within the memorable Hollywood film Pearl Harbor.

He came to intimidate India in 1971
During the historic war with Pakistan, the then US President Nixon sent two warships, including his own naval enterprise, to intimidate India at the behest of Pakistan. Among them, the enterprise was anchored within the Bay of Bengal. the opposite destroyer took the lead within the Indian Ocean and tried to debar a possible Indian naval attack on Pakistan by sea. Russia immediately sent its fleet to the Indian Ocean after the then Prime Minister Gandhi appealed to Russian President Brezhnev for cover against the US. additionally to diplomacy, on the frontier front, India divided Bangladesh into two parts of Pakistan even before the US warships launched an attack.

During the 1971 war, Russian President Brezhnev helped Indira against US Nixon.
What does the present US front mean?

The us currently maintains its Pacific navy on three fronts around the waters of India and China.
The USS Reagan is currently patrolling the South China Sea. Named after the previous US president, the warship not only intimidates the Chinese merchant fleet with its presence but also controls a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
Another US naval warship, the USS Roosevelt, is currently anchored off the coast of the Philippines. the situation of this warship is such the movement of Chinese navies on islands within the East China Sea are often monitored.
Nimitz has been within the South China Sea for the past 17 days. it's since been moved to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. in order that Nimitz can control the movement of Chinese warships anchored in Sri Lanka.
Thus, three American warships have surrounded China from three fronts.
Large quantities of Chinese oil also as merchant ships undergo the Indian Ocean. If India and therefore the US blockade here, it might be a drag for China.

What is the meaning of Passex?
Indian Navy warships or destroyers also can join the fleet of Nimitz and its destroyers anchored near Indian waters. A mock drill of a possible air or sea attack is conducted during a joint military exercise. In which, considering all aspects of naval warfare, the navies of both the countries analyze the capabilities and vulnerabilities of their respective fleets in order that vulnerabilities are often avoided in real warfare also as aggression is often sharpened.

the very fact that the Indian Navy is maneuvering with one among the foremost powerful US navies within the world means India is taking advantage of America's capabilities. it's only natural that the present joint exercise, also because the presence of the Chinese naval fleet stumped, would bring relief to China.

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