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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

The number of deaths thanks to corona is increasing day by day in Surat - determine what percentage deaths occurred on which date

The number of deaths thanks to corona is increasing day by day in Surat - determine what percentage deaths occurred on which date

At present, the epidemic of the corona is spreading everywhere the planet. At a time when the amount of corona patients is increasing in Surat, the priority of the system is consistently increasing as quite 298 patients report positive in Surat city. In Surat, the entire number of patients has reached 10,872 with a complete of 255 patients in rural areas with a complete of 73 patients.

In Surat, people are seeing an uproar as soon as they see the roaring sort of Corona Kaher. a complete of 393 people are killed thus far in Surat from Corona. a complete of 182 people were killed within the first 100 days, while a complete of 211 people were killed within the last 19 days. the town is currently within the throes of a horrific death.

Every day in Surat, the statistics are coming in shocking. within the coming days, there's an image of a terrible ordeal from Corona. There are indications that things in Surat will worsen within the coming days.

So, on the opposite hand, the direct effect of Corona is going to be seen on the upcoming festivals and remains being seen. a complete of 9 people under the age of 40 have died from corona in urban and rural areas of Surat. a complete of 34 people within the age bracket of 41-50, a complete of 75 deaths in 51-60, a complete of 46 deaths in 61-70, a complete of 34 deaths in 71-80, and a complete of 4 deaths in persons over 80 years aged.

Find out what percentage of people died in Corona in Surat on which date?

9 deaths on Dominion Day, 9 deaths on July 6, 9 deaths on July 9, 9 deaths on July 9, 9 deaths on July 5, 9 deaths on July 5, 8 deaths on July 6, 9 deaths on July 7, 8 deaths on July 8 - 8 deaths, 9 July - 13 deaths, 10 July - 11 deaths, 11 July - 14 deaths, 12 July - 13 deaths, 13 July - 15 deaths, Bastille Day - 12 deaths, 15 July - 10 deaths, 16 deaths on July 16, 12 deaths on July 17, 13 deaths on July 18, 12 deaths on July 19, 10 deaths on July 20, 14 deaths on July 20 and 14 deaths on July 21.

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