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Monday, 13 July 2020

Sundar Pichai had a virtual meeting with Prime Minister Modi, the company will invest Rs 75,000 crore in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a virtual meeting (video conferencing) with Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The PM tweeted about it. On the other hand, in the Google for India event, the company raised Rs. There is also talk of an investment of Rs 75,000 crore.

Narendra Modi tweeted and wrote that, having a successful talk with Sundar Pichai this morning, we discussed a number of issues including the use of technology to change the lives of farmers, youth and entrepreneurs in India.

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Since the Modi government came, digital India was started and now people have lost a lot of business in the epidemic. Today Sundar Pichai had a virtual meeting with Prime Minister Modi and Google will invest Rs 75,000 crore here and it is very good for you here in India. This Korona has been taught a lot about becoming self-reliant and becoming people

People in the country were very bored in this Lokdavu and now people have come to understand that if they don't work, they will not be able to eat and people have started working very hard in Unlok and there are many attempts to get foreign company to come to the country and make cash. This is today's news. It is a good thing that Google will invest Rs 75,000 crore

If there is a rift in the country, Deswah will come forward and all this can happen because of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Google will invest Rs 75,000 crore
At the Google for India event, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google is excited to make a number of announcements for the digitization of India. We will invest ભારતમાં 75,000 crore or 10 10 billion in India over the next 5-7 years. The investment will be through equity investments, partnerships and operational infrastructure.

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