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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

ST bus service between Ahmedabad and Vadodara and Bharuch closed due to increasing corona

The country is running out of macaroni and you know this epidemic is spreading from each other and the Surat bus service from Ahmedabad was closed a few days ago and this big decision was taken because of the new cash coming from Surat.

The news is coming today that the ST bus service between Ahmedabad and Vadodara and Bharuch is closed and this decision is made to stop this corona and stay in an overcrowded house and if any important work comes, keep wearing Aries and follow the rules of the government. Do and you will find the new rule of government here

Reach out to as many people as you can in this post and no one should get in trouble and help people in this corona disease and stop this corona and remove it from the roots.

This news is taken from you because of the Corona epidemic and it should be shared by all people.

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Here you will find the information about any big news in the country. The more people you post to, the less annoying people will be and you should help people in this coronary heart disease and this is the number you have helped.

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