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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

RIL AGM / Google Geo at Rs. To invest Rs 33,737 crore, indigenous 5G solution to be launched next year: Mukesh Ambani

Ahmedabad. Reliance Industries, the largest market cap company in India, kicked off it's first online annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday. This is a matter of pride for you. Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani today announced that Rs. Will invest Rs 33,737 crore and acquire a 7.7% stake in Geo.

The country's first indigenous 5G solution ready
Mukesh Ambani told the gathering that Geo has developed the country's first indigenous 5G solution. Its technology is 100% indigenous. It will be a lot of fun when the 5G network comes and you will run your net very well Geo and this technology will be ready for field deployment next year and we will export it to other telecom companies in the world. I dedicate this success to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his vision for a self-reliant India.

Every calamity brings many opportunities: Mukesh Ambani

Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani said many conditions have changed because of Corona. Cain business in the country is very bad. Every calamity brings many opportunities for us. An example of this is the AGM. The meeting is being held at Geo Meet which can connect 5 million people together through the cloud.

Geo Meet will revolutionize online education: Isha Ambani
Isha Ambani will be helpful in many ways in fields like Geo Meat Platform Education and Healthcare. This platform will revolutionize the field of online education, especially in remote areas. It will complement the shortage of teachers in India.

Digital transformation is taking place in India right now: Mark Zuckerberg
"There are a lot of small businesses in India and they create big jobs," said Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Digital transformation is happening in India right now and we can help. For this, we have partnered with Geo Platforms.

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The great expectation to shareholders
According to stock market experts, Reliance and especially Geo have invested heavily in the last few months. Its valuation has also increased a lot. With all this, shareholders are expecting a big announcement for them today. They are expecting a bonus or a dividend.

Possible big advertising related to retail business
According to market experts, Reliance's focus is now on expanding its retail business after receiving the expected investment for Geo platforms. The annual general meeting to be held today is likely to make a big announcement regarding retail. This could also include the announcement of the takeover of Kishore Biyani's Future Group. In addition, Google has given Rs. An investment of Rs 30,000 crore may also be announced. An announcement could be made about listing the Geo platforms on the New York Stock Exchange.

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