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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Preparing for a confrontation with China / Japan to build world's best stealth fighter jets, US to deliver F-35 fighter jets

Preparing for a confrontation with China / Japan to build world's best stealth fighter jets, US to deliver F-35 fighter jets

Japan's Defense Ministry tells parliament it is working quickly on a stealth fighter project
The Japanese stealth fighter will have two engines, believed to be the best in the stealth category.
Divya Bhaskar Jul 11, 2020, 10:24 AM IST
Tokyo. Japan is going to build the best stealth fighter jets in the world. These stealth fighter jets will have two engines and will be ready in the next few years. The Ministry of Defense has informed Parliament about the project. Japan is believed to be on the verge of a military confrontation with China over Senkaku Island and other disputes. However, he is going to be prepared on his own.

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The US and Japan have also struck a deal for F-35 fighter jets. These American fighter jets are considered dangerous in their category.

Sixth Generation Stealth Fighter Jets
Japan currently has 100 F-2 fighter jets built in the United States. It is now redesigning its Air Force. His focus is on meeting China. Japan also has technology and other resources. Currently, Japan has started work on the fighter project quickly. According to a CNN report, by 2031, Japan will have built a fleet of stealth fighter jets and will be able to sell them to allied countries.

Will be compared to America
The United States is currently the world's leading stealth fighter jet. Australia has already started working on this. Now Japan is also working on it. It has an initial budget of 61 6.1 billion. It will also work on a military drone project.

Stealth can have this peculiarity
According to CNN, the missile will fit into Japan's stealth fighter jets in a way that can simultaneously target multiple enemy aircraft. This is called integrated fire control network shooting. The U.S. F-22 will have the capacity to carry more weapons than stealth fighter jets. This jet will be able to turn quickly and hit targets at the same speed. Defense Minister Taro Kono made it clear last month that Japan should now gear up for a confrontation with China.

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Will also buy F-35
Japan has also started preparations for a confrontation with China. More expensive but more dangerous US F-35 fighter jets have been completed. The Japanese government has struck a deal to buy 100 F-35s. The first fighter jet could be available next month. Japan will also buy 42 F-35 jets from the United States. This is the world's first aircraft to make a vertical landing. This is very important for the Japanese Navy.

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