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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Our guarantee of laughter, if you have never heard such jokes.

1. From a distance a brother saw a board perched on a pole. He went to it, but the letters on the board were too small to read. Finally the brother climbed the pillar to read the board! When he climbed up, he saw that it was written on the board - the pillar is freshly painted, do not touch it.
2. Dad: Son, how is school going nowadays?
Pappu: Don't ask such a question, Pappu. Dad: Why?
Pappu: Do I ever ask you how things are going in the office?
3. The Indian who uses the word on his birthday.
Explain the word that Americans use on their wedding day
Happy return of the day
4. Two girls were fighting for a seat in the bus.
So when the conductor came, he showed a way and said.
The older one sits on this seat.
Then what happened… ..the two girls stood up to the end
5. Guard - Base in the train turned on
Traveler: Oh, let me love my wife
Guard - Oh, I'll do it, just go up !!
6. Father- son eats, otherwise it will go down.
Son- I am a little bit of a battery cell to go down.
7. From the son of a policeman - your result is not good, so from
today, your TV, watching and playing, everything is stopped, son -
take this 50 rupees and end the talk here.
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Also follow the rule of the government and save the country from Corona and help the people in this epidemic
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