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Friday, 3 July 2020

Nita Ambani became one of the world's leading philanthropists by saving lives from Kovid-19

Nita Ambani became one of the world's leading philanthropists by saving lives from Kovid-19

According to the magazine, he is successfully leading the Reliance Foundation. He has done relief work for different sections of the society during lockdown.

New Delhi: Nita Ambani, who is trying to save lives from the corona virus, has been included in the list of leading social activists in the world. Nita Ambani is the only Indian social worker to be included in the list of America's prestigious magazine Town and Country for 2020.

 According to the magazine, he is successfully leading the Reliance Foundation. He made relief work for the different classes of society during the lockdown (lockdown). The poor are given a place in the list for food and social services like building the country's first covid-19 hospital.

These celebrities are also involved with Nita Ambani

Along with Nita Ambami, Town & Country's list includes Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, Lauren Powell Jobs, Loader Family, d. Versace, Michael Bloomberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others. 

The magazine highlights the reactions of Nita Ambani and the Reliance Foundation to the fact that the foundation has fed millions of people during the lockdown.

 It has also donated 7. 72 million to the Emergency Fund. It has also helped finance the construction of India's first Kovid-19 hospital.

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appointees 'Crisis demands immediate attention at all times' Demands immediate relief, resources, simplicity and most importantly compassion during a crisis.

 The Reliance Foundation and Reliance Industries were already ready to take immediate action in the crisis.

 We are pleased that our initiatives and efforts are being recognized at the international level. Demonstrates our commitment to help our government and society in this time of crisis. 

of historical personalities, saving millions of lives in the condition
of an issuer's own aikha Town and Country Magazine each year is devoted to social workers worldwide. Such people are involved. 

Who have left their mark on the world with their work, commitment and simplicity. The magazine writes that the historic situation has saved the lives of millions of people around the world. The celebrities on the list this year have raised hopes among the general public.

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