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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Gujarat High Court gives good news to parents, school principals hit hard

The Gujarat 
supreme court has given relief to the oldsters on the difficulty of faculty fees. The court ruled that administrators couldn't demand fees until the varsity reopened. Even within the midst of the present Corona epidemic, students are unable to travel to high school, despite online education, with school administrators charging exorbitant fees, while parents filed a petition in court over the difficulty of exorbitant fees.

The supreme court has slammed the administrators who were collecting exorbitant fees during the hearing on the petition. School administrators cannot force parents to pay fees. And it's been decided that the DEO will take action if any school authorities are pressured about fees.

As per the knowledge received during this regard, the Gujarat supreme court has given the most important relief to the oldsters within the school fee case today. The supreme court, while hearing the petition today, said that the varsity administrators couldn't demand school fees till the faculties reopened.
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Disappointment is rife among school authorities because the supreme court slammed school administrators for charging exorbitant fees amid the Corona crisis. Schools cannot force parents to pay fees until school starts. The DEO will need to take action if there's no pressure from the faculties to pay the fees. A non-disclosure petition was filed within the supreme court, which was forced by schools to pay student fees during Corona's difficult times.

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