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Friday, 10 July 2020

Corona Saurashtra LIVE / Corona blast in Bhavnagar, 71 cases reported today, 3 killed, 6 in Gir Somnath and 3 in Junagadh

Corona Saurashtra LIVE / Corona blast in Bhavnagar, 71 cases reported today, 3 killed, 6 in Gir Somnath and 3 in Junagadh

2 positive cases reported in Gondal, 3 in Amreli and 3 in Junagadh district, 5 deaths

Carried out quarantine procedures for those who came in contact with the patient

Death figures are being hidden: Lalit Kagathara
Divya Bhaskar Jul 10, 2020, 03:18 PM IST
Rajkot. In Saurashtra, the number of corona is increasing day by day. Then a corona exploded in Bhavnagar district. Today, a further 71 cases have been reported in a single day. In Bhavnagar city 59 and in rural 12 more cases have been reported. While in Bhavnagar 3 people have died due to corona. At the same time, before the arrival of the CM, the report of the security personnel of the Somnath temple was positive.

3 cases positive in Amreli district
A 35-year-old woman from Lilia in Amreli district, a 60-year-old man from Dhari Dhargani and a 65-year-old man from Dahinthara in Lathi have reported positive corona.

A case was registered in Jasdan
Babubhai Parasotambhai Satani (age 65) living in Kailasnagar Street No. 1 of Jasdan has tested positive for taxes. Babubhai is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Rajkot.
 Necessary action has been taken by the local body of Jasdan.

2 cases positive in gondola
2 cases have been reported positive in Rupavati of Gondal taluka. Corona's report of Mansiben Hitendrabhai Ramolia (age 30) living in Rupavati has come positive. At the same time, the report of Maltiben Jitubhai Chavda (age 39) living in Udyogbharati Society in Gondal has come positive. So that necessary action has been taken by the team of health department. So far a total of 29 positive cases have been reported in Gondal taluka.

3 cases positive, one death in Junagadh district
In Junagadh district 3 cases have been reported positive. 1 case has been reported positive in Junagadh and 2 in Visavadar. Corona, a 68-year-old resident of Laxminagar in Junagadh, has been shifted for further treatment. That is when he died today. The elderly had diabetes and heart problems. The cause of death will be revealed after the report is received by the Death Audit Committee.

One died at Veraval Kovid Hospital
A 66-year-old man living in Veraval's Super Colony has died while undergoing treatment. He had been on a ventilator since yesterday evening and died early this morning. A total of 5 people have died in Gir Somnath district so far.

3 killed by Korana in Bhavnagar
(1) Jatashankar Mani Shankar Pandya age 60 living in Mahuva
(2) Vallabhbhai Narshibhai Ghori living in Bhandaria village age 55
(3) Parvatiben Rameshbhai Sarvaiya living in Hadanagar Satyanarayana Society age 58

Increase in the number of corona patients in Rajkot Civil Hospital
The number of corona patients as well as the number of deaths at the Rajkot Civil Hospital is on the rise, but in Rajkot, the entire system has been turned upside down so that the number of corona and especially the death toll does not appear to be high. An act like keeping them alive in the book is being done. A man named Jentibhai, who was staying in Prahlad plot yesterday, died at Corona Civil Hospital on Thursday afternoon. His death has not been announced by the civil hospital, the corporation as well as the district health system and is being shown as an active patient.

Death figures are being hidden which is the subject of investigation-Kagathara
In a statement on the issue of concealment of death toll, Congress MLA Lalig Kagathara said that the death toll was missing from the press notes of Rajkot Municipal Corporation and District Health Department. Which is the subject of investigation. The whole matter should be thoroughly investigated.

Only 4 to 10 samples are being taken after the visit of the officers - Lalit Vasoya
A total of 67 positive cases have been reported in Dhoraji so far. While Congress MLA Lalit Vasoya told a press conference that 67 cases have come positive in Dhoraji. 30 samples were taken daily. But only 4 to 10 samples are being taken after visits by collectors and health officials and people are not being tested.

In Saurashtra, 80 cases were reported positive on Thursday
On Thursday, 34 new cases were reported, including 26 in Rajkot and eight in the district. With this, the total positive in Rajkot district is 572. There are 320 patients in the city and 252 in the district. A further 46 positive cases were reported in 6 districts of Saurashtra on Thursday. Thus, a total of 80 cases were reported in Saurashtra on Thursday.

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The health department conducted contact tracing
A team from the health department has carried out quarantine and contact tracing of people who came in contact with Corona patients. At the same time, action is being taken to sanitize the area where the corona is positive.

(Atul Mehta-Junagadh, Bharat Vyas-Bhavnagar, Jayesh Gondhiya-Una)

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